Basic Assets of Life.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Each human being is given a given time to live on Earth and this time is known to the Universe.
  • Each human being has an Inner Earth on which flows so many rivers as named below:
  • Imaginations…
  • Dreams…
  • Love…
  • Desires to Have So Many Good Things…
  • Desires not to have any unfavourable tendencies..
  • Get into emotional traps- the sadness…as oceans..
  • Get in to emotional traps- the Smiles…also as rivers and oceans.
  • To demonstrate in front of the self, family and others what you have done and expecting recognition..
  • To somehow consider that You are the Best and the others are not recognizing that phenomena in you..
  • The questions and answers and awareness and efforts relating what lies beyond the Earth..the stars..the planets..
  • An accumulation and accumulated concepts and definitions and descriptions about so many things..
  • A phenomena to appreciate the rains..the flowers..the foods…the sky..the stars and so on..
  • A phenomena to criticize..hate…and forget and forgive and still take actions that Risks  are not at all taken.
  • A search and research of various parts of the Earth and the portions of the universe beyond Earth..
  • To enjoy and going to various places including hotels..
  • To enjoy The Water and other drinks..
  • To ensure Privacy..morning walk or walk alone and at the same time an urge to have someone special as partner in all respects under social recognized definitions..
  • And finally never getting satisfied with whatever achieved and at the same feeling or saying that you are satisfied lot.
  • To Conclude Always That You Wish You Had A Wonderful Beloved Which Really Belonged to You and None Else.!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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