A Minute With the Evening.!!!!!!!!!!

Human beings could be biased and so I am biased. Today I concluded that evening is not as beautiful as it was yesterday. What an absurd conclusion I had. The camera is and was in mine hand. And I was constantly peeping and glancing on the western portion of the sky filled with grey clouds hiding the sun. The sun started setting and aura of the West side evening  was marvellous for eyes; but i was hesitating again and again to click the photograph by the camera. At one point I thought that now the evening appears to be the most beautiful, i clicked it. An evening as a divine entity is always beautiful. But the conceptual training as imparted to me is biased and limited. Hence this contradictory orthodoxed conclusion.

An Evening is a Divine Event and It is ALWAYS FILLED WITH MAGNIFICENCE AND BEAUTIFUL.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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