Being Regular and Irregular with Yoga.!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Truly speaking I have never attended even a single session on Yoga from an authorized teacher. Since childhood i am seeing the articles/ the books and so on. Recently I purchased so many outstanding books on yoga and i commenced with the most outstanding written and given to the Humanity by respected BKS Iyengar. I am to do complete learning of all Yoga exercises which he has illustrated in His Book. It shall take a huge time and years. And I am not attempting any perfection of the level He has. I hardly have any time. But I am to do Yoga as the most joys filled world of me for me and in me.
And this journey has commenced now more authentically than it was. Still it has some irregularities for my travels etc. But these are all excuses.
Whenever I have done Yoga it was as if I am seeing my own Inner Sky..I am feeling my own heart..and I am talking with my own Heart..and I am in Love and relationship with part of my body..since through Yoga only I know my physical…and sub atomic existence.

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