You Are Something..Know That!!!!!!!!!

You have flown and flown. Talked and talked. Danced and danced. Walked and walked. Read and Read. Listened and listened. Shouted and shouted. Still while doing so..the way Ganges is known for its also have A Single Quality Which Makes You ..YOU…Develop the technology to know What Exactly You are filled with That Single Quality which makes you acceptable to the World…the family and friends. It is true that whatever others wanted from you..despite your own efforts not much improvement has taken place. You are not here to improve. You are here to accumulate- the thoughts..the concepts..the money..the reading..the weight..You are here busy..let me do this..and now i shall do this. You have kept yourself occupied. You have no other option to remain non-occupied. 24 hours no one is busy in earning money. 24 hours certainly you are busy in putting things and people and materials at work. If you are having a shall put yourself in action and others in action. Because of You others are Active. If you are not Active nothing shall move. More active You are more dynamic the world is in and around You. More relaxed You are more relaxed others are. So decide do you want to be in Relaxed Mode..if Yes..Then others can also relax.!!!!!!!!!!!Image

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